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Cabinetry & Benchtop Options

Benchtops & Splashbacks

Whether you would like to replace only the benchtop for a quick and easy freshen up or it is a part of a whole new kitchen, we offer a wide range of materials to suit your taste including…



Concrete is durable, strong and long lasting, it is also resistant to scratches, tough stains, chipping and heat. They get increasingly better looking with age making it a perfect selection to pair with Rustic, Industrial and Modern style kitchens.


Quartz is a hard wearing surface made from one of nature’s hardest minerals and it doesn’t scratch, chip or crack as easily as slate or granite. Unlike concrete or natural stone, quarts benchtops don’t need regular sealing and they are non-porous, proofing it against spills, water, smells, bacteria, and raw foods.


Laminate is a common option for rentals and investment properties as it is a budget friendly affordable option with a large selection of finishes to choose from.


There are two options for the stone look; natural stone and engineered stone.

Natural stone is a high end product that gives your kitchen or space the WOW factor. Engineered stone is often chosen over natural stone as it is more durable whilst still looking amazing.

Kitchen Cabinetry

We custom build kitchen cabinetry to suit your lifestyle and space. By personalising the layout, shelving and draws we can turn a unused cupboard into functionable storage or useable area. The list is endless on the added fixtures to make your kitchen work for you. We offer a wide range of handles including; push to open, finger pull & sharknose. 


Bathroom Vanities

We custom build to your bathroom space increasing usability and functionality. Custom built vanities can incorporate shelving and drawers to suit your needs. We can also incorporate mirrors, wall hung vanity units, lighting to enhance your space. 


Outdoor Kitchens

As Outdoor alfresco kitchens are getting increasing popular in homes. Not only because it’s a fun outdoor space that’s a great space for friends and family to gather for barbeques, they also instantly increase the value on your home.

We can help with designing the cabinet layout to suit with your plans. The list is endless on what you can put into our outdoor space. Incorporating BBQ’s, seating, fridge and oven capablities are just some of the latest trends


Other Cabinetry

Lifestyle kitchens NQ custom build Home Theatre Units, Book Cases, Study Nooks & Coffee Tables. Come in and see us at our showroom and we will discuss your ideas

Bag Drop / Mud Room

So.. You finally finished cleaning and tidying your house, then BOOM 5 minutes later, there’s shoes, bags and clutter just everywhere. Then you wonder, why do I even bother?

Well, having a bagdrop or mudzone will 100% help with that problem. It’s one easy place to drop everything when you and your family first come into the house instead of “the chair”, kitchen benches, or floor.


Things to consider when designing your Bag drop/ Mud drop

  • Where about do you all enter the house when you get out of the car? Is it the front, back door, laundry area or garage?
  • What kind of stuff do you drop as soon as you come into the house? School bags, shoes, keys, hats? etc.
  • Where do you put it all right now?
  • Have a look at the front, back door area & garage, and make a list of what other things are accumulating around those areas.
  • Be able to clear the way. Things that don’t belong in your entry area need to be able to be removed to create space to create a drop zone
  • Do you take your shoes off sitting down? A seated one might be more practical for you